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Lease Renewal

Lease Renewal When the end of a tenant’s lease is near you have a decision to make, renewing the lease agreement or finding another tenant. If you have a tenant that clearly needs to go, there is nothing to think about, don’t renew the lease. On the other hand, if ...
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Having Difficult Discussions With Tenants

Having difficult conversations with tenants is one of the worst parts of property management. It is very normal for a property manager to call tenants for late rent, noise issues, illicit activity, and the list goes on and on. Handling these conversations properly helps to maintain a positive landlord/tenant relationship ...
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Tenant Screening

Not all landlords do tenant screening properly however it is incredibly important and requires a real investment of thought and resources.  The quality of tenant that you have in your property will be the key to having a positive rental experience or something less positive.  Keep in mind that damages, ...
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